Using Social Media To Find A Job

Read the original post published on on August 8th, 2010

With the recent advancements in social media, blogging and searching websites, finding a job has become a lot easier. Gone are the days of sifting through newspaper want ads looking for something you can do. Now, you can search thousands of job listings within a few minutes and keep up to date on the status of your favorite position.

Because social media is all about bringing people together, you can use many great social media marketing tactics to help you find a job.

1. Be honest - Be up front and forward about who you are, what you do, why you are looking for a job and where you want to be. This is not the time to fluff up your communications. Tell people you’re looking and tell them why they should hire you.

2. Join #JobHuntChat – Every Monday evening at 8pm CDT, join #JobHuntChat on Twitter by following the hashtag and answering questions about your job hunt. You’ll get in front of a lot of people this way, and you will learn new things about job hunting.

3. Create a website or blog – By creating your own website or blog, you are giving potential employers an easy view into who you are, and what skills you possess. If you’re a designer, design a great site. If you’re a writer, show examples of your writing on a blog. And don’t forget to post your resume and your bio.

4. Clean up your profiles – Yes, I know Facebook is usually for personal use. But guess what? Other people may be able to see what you have on your profile anyway. And make sure your language on Twitter and MySpace isn’t offensive either. No one wants to hire someone who swears, gets wasted and bashes their old employers. Be professional online and off.

5. Follow job posting users on Twitter – There are plenty of Twitter accounts that post job openings from a variety of sources. Start following these accounts and you’ll see when new jobs are posted right away so you can jump on them.

6. It’s about who you know – Just as in real life, job hunting online is all about connections. So network, network, network. Talk with HR people, headhunters and others looking for jobs to gain knowledge and insight. By building this relationship with them, they will pass job information and openings to you because they know you’re looking.

You can find a new job, and you can find a better job. You just have to know the right ways to go about it. Find the people in your industry on social media sites, stay connected and stay relevant, and you’ll have a great new job soon.

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