7 Secrets To Keeping Your Startup Supercharged

View the original post on SmallBizBee, published April 16th, 2010

When you start a new business, there is a certain “energy” in the air. Although there is a lot to get done, you and your team are excited about the work. How do you keep that energy going?

Here are the 7 secrets to keep your start-up supercharged through team collaboration and business organization best practices, so you and your team can focus on moving forward and increasing your business success.

1. Work Hard

With a start-up, you know you will have to work your tail off to build your business, brand and success. Know that the blood, sweat and tears that you put into your new business will be well worth it in the end. That’s enough to keep you energized and working toward your goals.

2. Have Fun

Never stop having fun. This is the best way to keep that energy up. Learn how to mix business with pleasure. If playing pranks on your teammates gives your office that lighthearted feeling, go for it. Maybe even take an afternoon off every once in a while and go on an all team activity or dinner. Find ways to inject some fun and excitement into your business, and the energy will skyrocket.

3. Stay Organized

One main benefit of keeping your business organized is that you won’t be distracted by the chaos and mess of disorganization. Store your business documents securely, manage projects and tasks with an online project management system and keep communications and collaborations in the same place as the work that is being done. You will save yourself a lot of searching time if you organize everything well right off the bat.

4. Collaborate

Work together. Talk to each other. Include all hands on each project. Find ways that bring team members together and listen to everyone’s suggestions on how to make the business better and more successful. This way everyone has a hand in the success of the business, and the pride they feel will keep them working hard toward future success.

5. Keep Learning

Business techniques, strategies and best practices are changing all the time. Continue learning – either through additional business classes or hands-on trial and error – to keep your mind active and the better ideas flowing. Offer continued education opportunities to your employees as well, to make sure you have the cutting edge of business knowledge on your team.

6. Hire Good People

Don’t be afraid to invest in the right talent. Having good, dedicated and intelligent people on your team will only better the organization as a whole. Along with almost guaranteeing great business success, the right team members will encourage and excite others to reach their greatest business potential as well.

7. Celebrate Success

Excellent – you’ve achieved a goal! Good for you! Don’t forget to celebrate that success by honoring the team lead or those who worked hard on the project with recognition or a small token of appreciation. And here is another great opportunity for a team event to celebrate that success, and inject a bit of fun and energy in your day, to keep your team working hard toward even greater success.

With continued high energy in your office, your people will have fun while working hard toward increasing your business’s success. Whether your company is still in start-up mode or has been going strong for 20 years, following these steps will inject some productive energy into your team and you’ll love the outcome you see!