Watching Your Competition to Build a Connected Brand

Read the original post published on the iCrossing Great Finds Blog on Mar 21, 2012.

CMOs worth their salt compare competitors’ search engine presence against their own. The savvy CMO probably has someone on his or her team tracking competitors’ ranking and traffic data as part of the process of watching the competition. But those metrics don’t create an adequate competitive snapshot. You also should look at your competitors’ inbound link profiles if you want to build a connected brand by being more visible.

Inbound link building has long been a cornerstone of a successful SEO program. It’s no secret that search engines value signals passed from other sites and sources via links to your site and that those signals have an impact on your site’s authority. Conventional wisdom says that having more signals via links means you have a more authoritative site. Consequently, some companies measure their visibility by comparing only the number of their inbound links to the number of their competitor’s inbound links. But it’s not just the number of inbound that can have an impact on site authority. The following inbound linking factors, and related action items, can make your site more visible than your competitors’ sites.

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