Google Yourself

The day I realized I was a true search nerd was about 3 months before my wedding in 2010. I was deciding between keeping my former last name (Larson) and taking my soon-to-be-husband’s last name (Notman). At the time, I honestly felt that Notman was a lame last name, and really, why would I want to be called someone different from who I’ve been my whole life?

Until, one fateful day, I sat in front of my computer like I do every single day, and Googled myself. By Googling “Dana Larson” thousands upon thousands of results showed up – and the vast majority of them weren’t me. Turns out, Dana Larson is a very popular name.

Then, I Googled “Dana Notman” and… nothing. Well, not nothing, exactly. There was one Google result for some kind of class reunion roster where a gal named Dana was next to someone else with the last name Notman, and Google returned that result. And it hit me – there were no Dana Notmans in Google.


And that is the moment I decided to take my husband’s last name.

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