Google Yourself

The day I realized I was a true search nerd was about 3 months before my wedding in 2010. I was deciding between keeping my former last name (Larson) and taking my soon-to-be-husband’s last name (Notman). At the time, I honestly felt that Notman was a lame last name, and really, why would I want to be called someone different from who I’ve been my whole life?

Until, one fateful day, I sat in front of my computer like I do every single day, and Googled myself. By Googling “Dana Larson” thousands upon thousands of results showed up – and the vast majority of them weren’t me. Turns out, Dana Larson is a very popular name.

Then, I Googled “Dana Notman” and… nothing. Well, not nothing, exactly. There was one Google result for some kind of class reunion roster where a gal named Dana was next to someone else with the last name Notman, and Google returned that result. And it hit me – there were no Dana Notmans in Google.


And that is the moment I decided to take my husband’s last name.

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Google+ Local: Visual, Social and Essential

Read the original post published on iCrossing’s Great Finds Blog on June 8, 2012.

Any business that operates its brand through regional locations (ranging from retailers to restaurants) needs to understand the implications of the launch of Google+ Local, a new type of Google+ Brand page that Google unveiled in May 2012. Google+ Local merges with Google+ Business pages to enhance local results. Operating in the world of Google+ Local means you need to include visually appealing images and engaging videos in your local listings. And it’s essential that you embrace the new social aspect of Google+ Local pages – interacting with people on your page by adding them to circles and communicating with them. I invite you to read my newly published point of view, Google+ Local: Visual, Social and Essential to learn more about how Google+ Local can help you become a connected brand. Please let me know whether we are addressing your questions and needs, and I always welcome your ideas and input.

Google Changes on Keyword Referrals Do Not Kill SEO – They Make It Better

Read the original post published on the iCrossing Great Finds Blog on October 19, 2011.

With Google’s latest announcement in the name of customization and secure searching, the act of reporting on organic keyword referral data is changing.

Marketers will no longer be able to track which keywords referred a user to their site if the user was logged into Google at the time of their search. While this is an interesting move – and one that our SEO reporting team is taking into heavy consideration – I want to be clear about its impact.

Like all Google changes, for those of us who do SEO for a living, it will result in us being better at our jobs.

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