How SEO Can Improve Your Writing

Please read the original post, published on iCrossing’s The Content Lab on January 10, 2013.

We all know that search engine optimization (SEO) hampers good writing, right? Wrong. Applying search can make your copy more relevant by helping you choose topics wisely and develop copy that resonates with your audience. What’s more, injecting search practices will ensure that your writing most effectively supports your brand.

SEO Informs What You Choose to Write

SEO can improve your effectiveness long before you actually write any copy by helping you choose topics that make your writing more relevant to your audience. Doing in-depth keyword research into your industry and brand provides a quality keyword universe that you can use to write creative, engaging copy.

If you begin the creative process by looking into search trends and performing in-depth keyword research, you may see certain opportunities for content creation. For example, if you’re business sells auto and home insurance, you will most likely want to create content around those specific products and what they offer. However, because of the economic climate over the last couple years, you may have seen an increase in demand for reduced insurance rates, or people looking to compare insurance quotes to find the best insurance coverage for the right price.

In fact, the following chart illustrates the relationship between search and the insurance industry. From 2009 to today, you can see that overall search volume for the phrases “compare insurance rates,” “best car insurance rates,” and “best auto insurance rates” has increased. Armed with this research, you can make your copy more relevant by creating engaging content around comparing and contrasting auto insurance rates and coverage, tips for car insurance shoppers, and finding the best auto insurance rates to fit searchers’ needs. And you can optimize each of these content topics for keywords to attract people searching for this specific content.


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