Making Connected Moments That Matter

Read the original post published on iCrossing’s Great Finds blog on May 2, 2013.

iCrossing’s 2013 CMO Summit, Connectedness: Marketing in the Moment, kicked off with a bang May 2 with a presentation by Adam Lavelle, iCrossing’s chief strategy officer. Lavelle’s presentation, “Marketing Moments That Matter,” asserted that digital marketing is all about creating moments across digital media. He discussed how companies can build connected brands (or close relationships with their audiences) in real-time.

“Digital marketing is all about the moment,” he asserted. He explained that people experience many, many moments throughout a day — and in those moments, marketers need to connect with individuals to ensure that a brand’s customers, prospects, network, and influencers know and trust the brand.

As Lavelle explained, the way in which we access the web has shifted drastically in recent years. In 2013, the number of smartphones and tablets is greater than the number of desktop and laptop computers. Consequently, consumers are connected to their networks 24/7. Brands can – and should – connect with their audiences around the clock, in the places and spaces in which they are most comfortable.

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Connectedness Is Mad Men

Read the original post published on the iCrossing Great Finds Blog on May 14, 2012.

What I love most about AMC’s Mad Men is the feeling of connectedness I have while engaging with the show — by connecting with the characters and storylines, and also with the show and other viewers through online communities. Mad Menclearly demonstrates how being visible and engaging builds a strong, dedicated community around the brand.

Creating Connectedness through Visibility

For months leading up to this season’s premiere episode of Mad Men on March 25, AMC began an aggressive visibility campaign. The “Mad Men Is Back” campaign flowed seamlessly through social networks, online videos for each character, and even integrating current AMC programming with its commercials. I know I watched the “Joan Is Back” video a handful of times (girl crush!), and actually laughed out loud while seeing the “Mad Men Survivors” commercial during the final episodes of The Walking Dead. This exciting, constant messaging increased the level of anticipation for the latest season with each new message.

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