Your Content as Conversation: ConFab Minneapolis 2013 Recap

Read the original post published on iCrossing’s The Content Lab on June 12, 2013.

There was a lot to love about this year’s ConFab Minneapolis, one of three annual ConFab events where businesspeople discuss content strategy and marketing, including how to make content better, how to organize it more effectively, and how content can help all our clients succeed. The most important learning we took away from Confab 2013 is that marketing content must serve as a conversation. The brand’s role in the conversation is to communicate your brand, vision, and the benefits of your products/services directly to the reader. Doing so builds trust with customers and improves the quality of the experiences that customers have with the brand — which thus increases the likelihood your customer will engage in a conversation with you and about you. Here are some additional learnings from the two-day event:

What Is Content?

Nowadays, content marketers understand that content can consist of a wide range of items such as videos, gifs, text-based articles, and infographics that reside wherever you have a digital presence. At ConFab, we also learned about some of the ways content reflects your brand, as follows:

  • By sparking a conversation. The information you put out into the world will start or continue the conversation your brand is having with your customers. In order to have that conversation – you need to know who you are and to whom you’re talking.
  • ·By reflecting your personality. Use your content to show exactly who you are — your walk, your talk, your dress, and your vibe. Own your personality at every turn.

We also learned that content is sometimes scary. Because it’s meant to be so personal, your content can evoke intense feelings for those creating it and for those engaging with it. Be mindful of this reality when creating content or making recommendations to change content. Your “content stakeholders” may be more resistant to change.

Moreover, never forget about the importance of content as part of your marketing strategy. Content is second only to the product/service you’re offering. It is your voice and it should be used effectively to sell your brand. So, in the words of Simple Minds (and for the love of John Hughes) “don’t you, forget about me … ” and make sure you keep content strategy and marketing in your marketing outreach.

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