Coca-Cola’s Vision: Use Your Mobile Phone to Buy a Coke

Read the original post published on iCrossing’s Great Finds blog on May 3, 2013.

Tom Daly of Coca-Cola would like to see you use a mobile phone in one hand to put a Coke in the other. At the iCrossing CMO SummitMay 3, Daly, the group director of mobile and search at Coca-Cola, shared how Coca-Cola is using mobile marketing to put the brand within arm’s reach of consumers.

“We have some big, hairy, audacious goals,” stated Daly, referring to Coca-Cola’s ambition to double the company’s sales by 2020. And mobile marketing is the key to achieving that goal. There are many more mobile users in the world than people who buy Coke every day. Daly wants to inspire consumers to use their mobile phones to increase Coke sales around the globe.

“Mobile is the closest you can get to your consumer these days aside from bringing the product directly to their lips,” Daly asserted.

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