5 lessons your business can learn from celebrities on Twitter

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Have a Twitter account for your business? Watch out – a recent study by ExactTarget-CoTweetidentified many reasons why people will stop following your business on Twitter: your messages are repetitive and boring, you are inundating your Twitter stream with blatant marketing pitches, or you are tweeting too frequently, to cite a few factors. But never fear – I have good news for marketers who want to do a better job engaging people and incorporating Twitter into your marketing outreach. You have free access to a seasoned pool of experts for advice, mentoring and education: celebrities.

Celebrities? Really? Yes, really.

While some celebrities earn headlines for behaving badly on Twitter, many others use Twitter intelligently to build their personal brands and to perform acts of altruism. I am not talking about celebrities who simply shout about their latest movie or concert tour; I mean the Alyssa Milanos of the world who use Twitter to build a global community and give you a glimpse into their lives, thus making their brands more transparent and accessible.

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What Cloud Computing Can Do To Improve Business Efficiency

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The concept of cloud computing seems to be getting more and more popular lately. Why? Because businesses are realizing what it can offer. When executed correctly, cloud computing is able to enhance the way the business is run, the way employees behave and the way information is managed.

Because of certain advancements in cloud computing, businesses are now able to better manage many of their processes. No longer will past documents be stored on dusty external hard drives that could crash without warning. No longer will employees need to dig through unorganized files on different drives and machines just to find an outdated file. No longer will team members need to travel to meet face-to-face with prospects or virtual teammates. No longer will quick conversations have to happen over the phone, without the ability to record and store communications. There are better ways to manage these common business occurrences.

There are many businesses turning to advancements in cloud computing to help their business run more smoothly. With greater advancements in technology come greater advancements in business practices, and this is the new concept that is helping businesses improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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Increase Team Collaboration Productivity: 11 Tips

Please read the original post, published on OnePlace Blog on August 17th, 2010.

We’ve all heard by now that effective team collaboration can greatly impact the productivity and success of the business. In a recent study, over 80% of businesses stated that collaboration was the key to future success. This sounds great, right?

Absolutely! But there are many businesses who are hesitant to jump on the collaboration bandwagon because they aren’t sure exactly how collaboration will benefit them. A big concern is that the new collaboration process may not be as productive or beneficial as they want it to be.

In all honesty, there is a learning curve with collaboration processes and tools, as there is with almost everything else in the business world. The key is to agreeing to get around the curve as gracefully and successfully as possible to begin enhancing the communication and collaboration in your business.

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