Get Down and Dirty Daily for Greater Marketing Success

I find it curious when clients and companies say that their overarching goal, their “big picture” is Objective X and so they only want to do tactics that lead up to Objective X. The reason this intrigues me is because it leaves so many opportunities available, untouched, and just out of our reach. And obviously we want to reach our goals for marketing (duh, that’s why we’re here), but maybe there should be room for a little flexibility, a little reach, a little daily grind on things not related to Objective X but maybe Brand Plan Y.

My fab friend Adam Singer wrote a killer post today called ‘Rethinking Marketing: Inch By Inch Destroys “The Big Idea.”‘ In this post, he talks about how your brand will succeed if your marketing is active every day, rather than just planned social media posts that feed up to your big idea.

When you analyze organic marketing KPIs, it’s those brands who have a consistent, efficient and interesting drip of content (with the right mix of big ideas) that rule. It’s because they are consistently closing the loop between their marketing and their audience and able to iterate based on data at a rapid pace. They run circles around slow competitors.

He’s 100% accurate – especially when talking about social media marketing. A regular, consistent pattern of posts will help your brand elevate its online reputation and build closer relationships with consumers.

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