Making Connected Moments That Matter

Read the original post published on iCrossing’s Great Finds blog on May 2, 2013.

iCrossing’s 2013 CMO Summit, Connectedness: Marketing in the Moment, kicked off with a bang May 2 with a presentation by Adam Lavelle, iCrossing’s chief strategy officer. Lavelle’s presentation, “Marketing Moments That Matter,” asserted that digital marketing is all about creating moments across digital media. He discussed how companies can build connected brands (or close relationships with their audiences) in real-time.

“Digital marketing is all about the moment,” he asserted. He explained that people experience many, many moments throughout a day — and in those moments, marketers need to connect with individuals to ensure that a brand’s customers, prospects, network, and influencers know and trust the brand.

As Lavelle explained, the way in which we access the web has shifted drastically in recent years. In 2013, the number of smartphones and tablets is greater than the number of desktop and laptop computers. Consequently, consumers are connected to their networks 24/7. Brands can – and should – connect with their audiences around the clock, in the places and spaces in which they are most comfortable.

Lavelle discussed Uber car service as an example of a brand that connects with customers in real time. By allowing customers to request and pay for a car directly from their smartphones when they need transportation, Uber is building a network of happy customers who appreciate the convenience and connectedness of their service. Those customers connect with Uber in a positive way. The customers then share their Uber moments with their network, building the trust and authority of the brand with word-of-mouth marketing. Uber has capitalized on these moments to connect with customers and to ensure that the brand grows.

Lavelle also shared many other examples of products and apps that help individuals connect, improve, and better manage their day-to-day lives. These examples all illustrated the ways in which individuals interact with technology, and what they want from the brands with whom they connect. Real-time connections, directly in the moment, help elevate brands and brands’ products in the eyes of individuals.

Any brand looking at its marketing plan in 2013 and beyond should be focused on making moments that matter — moments that connect with customers, and moments that help solidify the brand’s place in the market. By understanding that customers are connected to the web via tablets, smartphones and apps constantly, marketers can successfully navigate these spaces to share and build moments that matter. These moments will carry the brand successfully into the future.

Dana Notman is a senior natural search strategist at iCrossing

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