How Hampton Hotels Creates Connected Moments with Hamptonality

Read the original post published on iCrossing’s Great Finds blog on May 2, 2013.

Sharing your story connects your brand’s ideals with your customers. That’s exactly what Hampton Hotels, part of Hilton Worldwide, did by working with iCrossing to conceive of and roll out the “Hamptonality Moments” campaign. On May 2 at the iCrossing CMO Summit, Judy Christa-Cathey of Hilton Worldwide shared the story behind a video campaign that has generated more than 5 million views and a 90 percent share rate as well as national attention from Mashableand CNN.

The campaign brings to life Hamptonality, a term that refers to going the extra mile for customers at Hampton Hotels. Christa-Cathey explained that Hamptonality was established as part of the employee culture before permeating throughout the experiences each customer has when staying in the hotels.

“I call Hamptonality marketing from the inside out,” she said.

To exceed customer expectations, Hampton focuses on five “moment makers” – anticipate, humor, empathy, compliment, and unexpected delight. Moment makers contribute to a feeling of Hamptonality, which creates an authentic connection between the traveler and Hampton Hotels. The brand’s dedication to improving customer travel translates to amenities such as offering free hot breakfast, free WiFi, and community areas for travelers to interact with others on their journeys.

To figure out how to share the essence of Hamptonality, iCrossing first analyzed the public awareness and understanding of the Hampton brand. Based on audience insights, iCrossing chose the route of storytelling to amplify awareness and understanding of Hamptonality and to inspire travelers to learn more about the Hampton Hotels experience.

iCrossing conceived of  “Hamptonality Moments,” an online video series to share stories of Hamptonality as seen through the eyes of guests and employees of Hampton Hotels. For instance, one video episode tells the tale of how the hotel made life easier for a girls’ softball team in the midst of a championship tournament. Another relates the story of “TJ Elevator,” a young boy whose love of riding Hampton elevators has helped him and his family endure the effects of cerebral palsy.

iCrossing collaborated with Hampton Hotels to share the videos across Hampton’s owned and earned media, including social spaces — the places where Hampton’s culture lives in the digital world. The videos have achieved millions of views since the launch of the campaign in late 2012. Additionally, the campaign has inspired others to share their Hamptonality Moments when connecting with Hampton as well.

Hampton Hotels successfully connects with its customers through digital storytelling in a relatable and emotional way. By sharing Hampton’s dedication, the brand helps instill trust – and fills moments with the essence of Hamptonality.

Dana Notman is a senior natural search strategist at iCrossing

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