Connectedness Is Mad Men

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What I love most about AMC’s Mad Men is the feeling of connectedness I have while engaging with the show — by connecting with the characters and storylines, and also with the show and other viewers through online communities. Mad Menclearly demonstrates how being visible and engaging builds a strong, dedicated community around the brand.

Creating Connectedness through Visibility

For months leading up to this season’s premiere episode of Mad Men on March 25, AMC began an aggressive visibility campaign. The “Mad Men Is Back” campaign flowed seamlessly through social networks, online videos for each character, and even integrating current AMC programming with its commercials. I know I watched the “Joan Is Back” video a handful of times (girl crush!), and actually laughed out loud while seeing the “Mad Men Survivors” commercial during the final episodes of The Walking Dead. This exciting, constant messaging increased the level of anticipation for the latest season with each new message.

Engaging with Viewers

Not only is the content of the show enough to draw me in obsessively every week, but AMC’s Mad Men website features unique, exclusive content to engage the show’s viewers like never before. After each episode airs, highlights and the “most talked about scenes” are posted, as well as photos from the episode itself. But the content doesn’t end here. There are episode-specific trivia games, as well as online chats so viewers can join together and talk about what they just saw. And Mad Men continues to engage its viewers by offering interactive online games such as the “Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Job Interview Game” and “Mad Men Yourself,” where you can actually create Mad Men-ized characters of yourself and place them in thematic situations. For diehard fans of the show, like me, this site is the place to be to fill that weekly void left by the show after it airs on Sunday nights.

Other than continuing to produce great storylines and complex characters, Mad Men succeeds by connecting its viewers through all media channels. I get my Mad Men fix daily through Twitter, on its website any time I need to see a video or play a fun game, and definitely while watching the award-winning series on AMC every week.

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