About Dana Notman

Dana NotmanDana (Larson) Notman is a dedicated, energetic and fun online marketer, copywriter and project manager from Seattle.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Dana has been working in the online marketing industry since the start of her career. She has experience in both boutique and full digital agencies, as well as in-house marketing experience. She has managed enterprise-level clients and SMB clients in a variety of industries including software, health, legal, finance, travel and services.

With experience in search engine optimization, social media marketing, online copywriting, analytics reporting, brand building, and reputation management, Dana brings well-rounded online marketing experience to the table – and she knows how to make it exciting, too.

Dana communicates with clients and colleagues with a professional yet fun attitude, and builds strong relationships with each person with whom she works. Dana is a team player, and always willing to lend a hand when needed. Dana’s time and project management skills are top notch as well, and she helps her teammates manage their projects with helpful suggestions and a willingness to accommodate schedules.

Dana also actively looks for blogging and writing projects to sharpen her copywriting skills. Dana has been a guest blogger on many business, social media and project management blogs including Social Media B2B, Bruce Clay Blog, Minnesota Headhunter, The Wax Blog, Managing The Work, SmallBizBee, PMTips.net, PMHut, and AllCollaboration.

dana at javelina jundred 2016

In her free time, Dana is a dedicated ultramarathon runner, who trains consistently and continuously throughout the year in order to tackle endurance run events over 30 miles in length. She recently completed her first 100 mile ultramarathon in October 2016, and looks forward to more challenges in the future.

Dana loves to spend time with her fun and fabulous friends and family, and keeps an eye out for inexpensive, last-minute flights to fun, new destinations for weekend getaways.

To reach Dana Notman, please email her at dana (dot) notman (at) gmail (dot) com. And follow her on Twitter @DanaNotman.

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